Financial Planning & Investment Planning Outer Banks, NC & Hampton Roads, VA

Simplify Your Life With Financial Planning Services That Can Help You Retire in Confidence

If what you have been doing hasn't been working, then these financial planning services can help you navigate effectively through the maze of your financial life.

Personal and Family Financial Planning* - Assisting clients to simplify their financial lives and gain financial and personal well-being through a custom-tailored approach.

Retirement Planning* - Helping clients to avoid the common mistakes that arise from poor planning and inadequate advice and to feel that they are being listened to. Also, helping clients to maximize retirement benefits.

Retirement Management - Gaining a strategy designed to manage risk to their retirement assets and, equally important, designed to provide growth.

Investment Management* - Actively investing and managing a client's portfolio to take advantage of trends and control downside risk – all with the goal of appropriate investment performance over time.

Asset Preservation and Risk Management - Helping individuals, families, and business owners protect their assets from various unknown risks and creating a wealth protection strategy to address potential negative future events.

Buy-Sell Agreements - Business owners need to protect one of their most important sources of wealth from the unknown. In addition to buy-sell agreements, Key Man Life Insurance provides added protection for business owners.

Creating Business and Personal Liquidity - For those executives and entrepreneurs who have a significant portion of their wealth tied-up in the company, we can help unlock some of that value and transfer some or all of that value to their personal wealth.

Coordinating Business Benefits with Your Personal Benefits - to make certain that you have a strong financial and insurance plan that would continue if you changed employment or retired.

Education Funding - As the need for a sound education and relevant skills has increased, so have the costs for education. Planning is vital to fund this investment in your family for the next generations.

Insurance Planning* - With greater wealth, the risks from unforeseen events or problems can be magnified. We can help manage those risks through the appropriate choice of investments or insurance.

Elder Services - Managing longevity risk or issues associated with parents can be an emotional, challenging problem which we help solve for many of our clients.

Long-Term Care Options - With longer lives and significantly higher healthcare costs, proper planning can protect your wealth and help ensure that you or members of your family get the care they need.

Tax Strategies - Seeking to protect family assets from unnecessary taxes or manage investments in a tax-efficient way are two examples of the benefits of tax strategies. We work with our client's CPA for a sound tax strategy.

Estate Planning*- Helping clients smoothly transfer assets to children and grandchildren and, also, to the charities they care about by coordinating planning through our client's estate attorney and other professionals.

Complete Life Insurance planning.

Long Term Care Insurance Planning * Offered through Lincoln Financial Securities Corp., member SIPC. Lincoln Financial Securities does not offer tax or legal advice.

* Offered through Lincoln Financial Securities Corp., member SIPC. Lincoln Financial Securities does not offer tax or legal advice.