Helping to Realize My Clients’ Dream of Living Full Time on the Outer Banks

Their Problem:  My clients vacationed on the Outer Banks.  They loved the ocean, the history, and the people they met on their visits.  And they wanted more . . . to live here full time. 
They engaged a REALTOR® to make their dream come true.  Although he seemed to be making progress, they received a call from him sounding frustrated with a sense of failure. 

They learned that financially they could not achieve this move and live their dream.

Their Action:  I invited them to talk with me in my office.  After reviewing their assets and liabilities, I was able to show them pockets of money and investments that they had not considered to fund their home purchase.

Their Transformation:  They found a home that needed some work.  Because the husband was very handy with construction, they were able to move in several months later.

That was ten years ago, and today they are continuing to fully enjoy their home and the Outer Banks.


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